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Welcome to the Antelope Valley Creation Science Association,  serving the cities of the Antelope Valley, California. 
News of upcoming meetings, regional events, and links to useful resources.

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News Notes around Southern California

Click here for Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa creation science speakers live over the internet each first and third Saturday.
Click here for their speaker schedule.
Click here to access previous speakers on their archive webpage.

Looking Ahead


Links to other Southern California Creation Science Groups

Creation Science Association of Ventura County:
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South Bay Creation Science Association:
Bible Science Association (San Fernando Valley)
Creation Science Fellowship of Calvary Chapel, Santa Ana:
Creation Science Association of the Inland Empire: 951-360-1820 (Mark)
Lake Arrowhead:  909-338-2468 (John McIntosh)

  Links to Useful Creation Science Sites

Creation-Evolution Headlines - Your daily source for news on origins, with color commentary.
Institute for Creation Research -  A major center for creation research, education, and literature.
Creation Research Society - Excellent site and bookstore.
Illustra Media - Top quality Intelligent Design videos and articles.
Answers In Genesis - The major resource for Young Earth Creation, The AnswersBook available online.
Northwest Creation Network - Full of resources: lists of free online books, chat groups, bookstore, more.
John Ankerburg AIG, RTB Debate 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8
Access Research Network - now providing Intelligent Design videos on YouTube.
Creation Ministries International
- Representing Young Earth Creation Science to the world.
California As An Island - Research by Don Kennedy on the truth about old maps showing California as an island.

Previous Speakers

Frank Sherwin of  Institute for Creation Research  - November 13th, 2004
Bill Weston on the La Brea Tarpits - September 11, 2004
Dr. Kevin Anderson of Creation Research Society Van Andel Creation Research Center - January 15th, 2005
Dr. Willie Dye    -  May 14, 2005
Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo  -  September 10, 2005
Dr. Timothy Standish -
Birds in the Fossil Record - November 12, 2005
Don Kennedy - Evidences for a Young Earth - March 11, 2006
Roger DeHart - May 13, 2006

Dr. Mace Baker - Dinosaurs and the Flood - July 15, 2006
John Rajca of ICR Social Darwinism: the Impact of Darwinism on Society - September 9th, 2006
Dr. Paul Giem formerly of Loma Linda University,
author of the book Scientific Theology - Carbon 14 Dating- November 4th, 2006
Garth Guessman - Searching for Ropens (Pterosaurs) - January 13, 2007 Jonathon Whitcomb websiteGenesis Park website
Cliff Paiva - The Tower of Babel Around the World - March 10th, 2007
John Rajca of ICR - Scientific and Biblical view of Global Warming, Overpopulation, Planned Growth and Natural Resources
Don Kennedy - The Problems with Progressive Creation  -  Powerpoint presentation
                           - How the Flood Really Happened (presented to Quartz Hill Foursquare Church 8/1/07)
Dr. Ariel Roth - Charles Darwin and the Eye - September 8th, 2007
Mark Armitage - Helium Retention in Deep Core Zircons - Saturday, October 13th
Dr. Timothy Standish - Design arguments: The past 2,500 years - November 12, 2007
Dr. Ross Anderson - Photosynthesis - March 8, 2008
Video presentation of Dr. Charles Jackson - The Death of Darwinism/The New Creationism - April 12, 2008
Bill Morgan - Witnessing with Creation Science - August 9, 2008
Video presentation of Don Patton -
Creation evidence from Mexico and Creation evidence from South America

AVCSA Meeting Location:

Bethel Baptist Church:

3100 West Avenue K,  Lancaster, CA 93536

(South-West Corner of Avenue K and  30th St West.)

Look for the large Antelope Valley Creation Science sign on Avenue K!

We have a book table at each meeting so come prepared to stock up on some new titles.

(Cash or check only)

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