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SATURDAY,  September 11, 2004      6:00PM


Bill Weston:

La Brea Tarpits

Why does the La Brea Tarpits visitor's center show animals sinking into a large tar filled lake when there never was a lake there?  Why are the animal bones and insect bodies found in the tar disarticulated (taken apart)?  Why are tissues and hair not found there if the animals just sank into the tar?  Why are only predatory birds such as eagles so common in the fossils, while other types are missing?  Did this occur gradually over time, as the visitor's center teaches, or did it occur suddenly, in a flood, as the evidence suggests?  Come and find out.  It will give your next trip to the tar pits a very different perspective.

Bill says, "I have updated my lecture with exciting new findings that provide more evidence that the La Brea Tar Pits were formed by the Genesis Flood. The museum has been very cooperative with me and has given me the freedom to conduct research among the many fossils in their collection. I have written a soft-cover book called "La Brea Tar Pits: Field Trip and Self-Study Guide." It is designed to make a tour of the Pits fun and educational for young people of upper elementary through junior high and high school levels. It also gives teachers and parents a valuable tool if they want to conduct their own tours. It includes science fair project ideas that have a paleontological theme, study guide questions, and glossary. It is priced at $6.00."

For further reading, here are two links to articles by Bill Weston:

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Bill's talk will begin at 7:00 PM.  At 6:00 PM we will be showing a video:


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